Sophia Maalsen
Sophia Maalsen

Sophia Maalsen

Post-doctoral Research Fellow


   G04 - Wilkinson Building
The University of Sydney

Sophia Maalsen is the Ian Fell Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, where she is researching the role of technology in ‘smart homes’ as a locus to address future environmental and social challenges. Prior to joining the University of Sydney, Sophia was a postdoctoral researcher on the EU funded Programmable City Project where she investigated the digital transformation of cities and urban governance.

In particular, she worked on the development of the Dublin Dashboard, a city metrics indicator designed to provide Dublin City Council and the residents of Dublin, with real-time and relevant data on the City’s performance. Sophia has also worked in the Enabling Built Environments Program at the University of New South Wales, specifically on a project that investigated how and why people with a disability were undertaking DIY home modifications. Her particular expertise is in understanding the intersection of the material, digital and the human and how this effects lived experience.

Journal Articles


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      Book Chapters


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      “Crafting code: Gender, coding and spatial hybridity in the events of Dublin Pyladies”, currently submitted and under review at, The Craft Economy: Making, Materiality and Meaning, (eds) Luckman, S and Thomas, N.


      “Encountering the city at hackathons”, Code and the City, Routledge

      Research Reports


      DIY Home Modifications: What information is required at point of sale? Sydney: Home Modification Information Clearinghouse, University of New South Wales. (March)

      Available from www.homemods.info