Dr Dallas Rogers
Dallas Rogers

Dr Dallas Rogers

Senior Lecturer


   G04 - Wilkinson Building
The University of Sydney

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    Dallas’ research and teaching focuses on the relationships between poverty, wealth, urban planning and governance in global cities. He leads the multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary Global Real Estate Project (GREP), which undertakes relational examinations of housing poverty and wealth in global cities. GREP studies focus on the intersections of housing, migration, education, intercultural relations, digital technologies and geopolitical issues.

    Dallas has undertaken a critical analysis of Australian urbanism through fine-grained empirical research with low-income urban citizenries as well as super-rich transnational property investors, developers and their agents.

      He publishes on: 1) relational examinations of housing poverty and wealth in globalising cities; 2) the changing nature of Asia-Australia housing, economic, technology and intercultural relations; and 3) the intersections of local democracy, urban planning and private sector urban development. Dallas has secured nationally competitive grants, and completed research projects for local and state government and the private and non-government sectors. He won a prestigious Australian Federal Minister’s Award for housing research, has appeared in the national and international media, participated in a parliamentary briefing and has been invited to speak at academic and professional forums around the world. His books include a monograph on ‘The Geopolitics of Real Estate: Reconfiguring Property Capital and Rights’ and an edited book on ‘Housing in 21st-Century Australia: People, Practices and Policies’.

Recent Global Real Estate Project publications


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Public perceptions of foreign and Chinese real estate investment: intercultural relations in Global Sydney. Australian Geographer Vol 48 No.4 pp.437-455.



    ‘Education, real estate, immigration: brokerage assemblages and Asian mobilities’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


    ‘Researching territorial stigma with social housing tenants: Tenant-led digital media production about people and place’ in Kirkness, P., and Tijé-Dra, A., (eds) Negative neighborhood reputation and place attachment: Conceptual approaches, policy responses and resistance to territorial stigmatisation. Aldershot, Ashgate.


    ‘The Real ‘Housos’: Reclaiming identity and place’, in Artopoulos, G., and Day, K., (eds) From Conflict to Inclusion in Housing: Perspectives on the Interaction of Communities, Residents and Activists with the Politics of the Home. UCL Press